The company has hydraulic engineers who have long been engaged in hydraulic system design, familiar with hydraulic components, and experienced on-site commissioning; the design, processing, assembly and commissioning of the hydraulic system strictly follow the German Rexroth hydraulic system manufacturing standards and technical specifications, and the hydraulic system is all made by professional hydraulic technicians. Processing, assembly, and on-site installation ensure the reliability of product quality; the company's hydraulic system adopts PROE three-dimensional modeling design and the application of hydraulic component standard parts library, which greatly improves the hydraulic system design speed and ensures the standardization and standardization of the design , To ensure that we can provide customers with standardized and reasonable design solutions in a timely manner. Widely used in metal cutting machine tools and automobile industry, metallurgical industry, metal material engineering, electric power and coal industry, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry machinery, mining machinery, building materials construction industry, railway and road transportation industry, construction machinery, port machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, oil and gas exploration and control Mining and chemical machinery, household appliances and hardware machinery, light industry and textile machinery, public facilities and environmental protection machinery, metrology and quality inspection and special equipment, leather and shoe machinery, hydraulic industry production and teaching and testing industries.

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