Supporting the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games - ETCN Participates in the Processing of Ice-making System Components for the National Speed Skating Oval

ETCN participates in the processing of ice-making system components for the Winter Olympics Speed Skating Hall

With less than a month to go before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opening, all preparations for the Olympic Games have been fully prepared. The National Speed Skating Stadium is an iconic venue in the Beijing competition area and the only newly-built ice competition venue. It has the largest all-ice design in Asia and will undertake the task of avenue speed skating during the Winter Olympics.

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Under the call of "zero carbon emission," "low energy consumption," "full heat recovery," and "no pollution" in the Green Olympics, the national speed skating hall adopts the carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling ice-making technology for the first time. This technology is the most environmentally friendly and advanced ice-making technology globally. The carbon emission value tends to be zero, and the ice-making energy efficiency is greatly improved. The temperature difference of the ice surface using carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling ice-making technology can be controlled within 0.5 degrees. The Olympic Games can provide the highest standard and the best venue conditions for athletes to create excellent results. In operation after the Olympic Games, nearly 2 million kWh of electricity can be saved every year, laying a good foundation for the long-term sustainable development of the venue.

The ice-making heart of the speed skating hall is the Haier Carrier carbon dioxide refrigeration unit. As the core component of the carbon dioxide ice-making unit, the liquid storage tank is the key to ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the unit. Our company, Shanghai ETCN Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., is the OEM manufacturer of the storage tanks for the Winter Olympics speed skating hall.

Founded in 2008, ETCN can provide CNC machining services for various parts and components, covering air compressors, construction, automobiles, electronic appliances, and other industries. We pride ourselves on the speed of our batch processing services without compromising quality. Choosing ETCN means you can get high-quality products with short lead times and friendly prices.

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The 2000L liquid storage tank equipped with 6 CO2 ice-making hosts in the direct cooling ice-making system of the Speed Skating Hall of the Winter Olympics was manufactured by Spanish manufacturer TECNICA. Still, the inspection results of the pressure vessel in November 2020 showed that there were welding defects in the girth weld of the tank. Spanish pressure vessel manufacturers were unable to obtain domestic pressure vessel design and manufacturing qualifications in the short term due to the impact of the new crown epidemic. Haier Carrier began to look for domestic and foreign liquid storage tanks. They have successively connected with many pressure vessel manufacturers, but it is difficult to meet the standards. Later, after many searches, a Chinese supplier was found to be responsible for this project in June 2021, and this supplier found us to process the liquid storage tanks required for this project.

A seamless steel pipe with a diameter of 813mm, a thickness of 26mm, and a length of 4 meters need to be beveled on both sides and punch a few more holes. Can this be done? The pipe is more than 8 meters long, 3 pieces, and must be processed into 6 cylinders.”This was their processing requirement.

The supplier gave us three seamless steel pipes with a length of more than 8 meters and let us process them into six cylinders according to their requirements. In the end, we completed this processing task. At present, the ice-making system of the Winter Olympics Speed Skating Stadium is running normally, and the preparations for the entire stadium have been completed.

In half a month, here will take on the speed skating competition and witness the birth of every gold medal.

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