How to improve the machining accuracy of CNC turning parts?

How to improve the machining accuracy of CNC turning parts?

There are certain differences between the equipment for parts processing and the traditional equipment in the current development process. Modern CNC machine tools can be more efficient in the process of operation, maintain a high degree of precision, and improve the stability of performance, which makes the degree of automation continue to improve.

In the actual operation process, the staff will send the corresponding parts into the chuck and set aside a suitable length before tightening the chuck. Then make full use of the screws to tightly press the tool on the related equipment, and then tighten them one by one, and the tightening force should be appropriate. The machine tool can normally run after inputting a relatively simple program command for the cutting workpiece of the tool. Therefore, the problem of the processing density of the parts is mainly related to various aspects such as CNC machine tools, the operation process, and the actual manufacturing links. We can conduct a deeper analysis from all aspects, further improve the accuracy of parts processing, improve the accuracy of parts, and produce better parts to meet the development and needs of society.

Importance of CNC Turning Workpiece Machining Accuracy

CNC turning parts is the main method of parts production at present, so in the actual production process, we should further judge the error of the parts. In the discrimination process, further decisions can be made according to the actual processing conditions of the parts.

In different situations, the manifestations of part errors are also different. In the actual application process, we should try our best to reduce some errors caused by parts and components in processing and continuously improve the precision of products. Only in this way can we meet the actual design and use requirements of parts, and we can also achieve longer-term cooperation with customers.

We can continuously improve the precision of parts processing from different angles. First of all, we can consider the processing technology and the part itself. Suppose there is an error between the actual size and the theoretical size of the part produced or the phenomenon of unqualified quality occurs. In that case, the precision of the part matching will be continuously reduced, and there may even be a deviation from the actual use. Constantly changing the coordination accuracy can make the product reach the corresponding use efficiency and process more high-precision qualified parts. In this way, these parts can be used in various products and can make the processing of the parts more perfect and meet the specific processing requirements.

(1) we need to optimize the processing technology of CNC lathe parts.

 In the operation process, we can discuss and analyze the problem of precision errors from the three aspects of the size, geometry, and position of the parts restricted by each other. In terms of the size of parts, we can limit the size of the processed surface and the datum in processing errors. The geometric shape can also limit the processing surface and carry out the shape error in the macro production process. From the perspective of mutual position, we need to control the phenomenon of unknown errors between the processed surface and the reference.

This series of operations all belong to the research and improvement of the processing technology. In the operation process, we pay more attention to the tool's wear and replace the tool in time after it is worn. Try to choose some wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials to prevent abnormalities in the processing process, resulting in a large deviation between the scale of the product and the theory.

(2) Adjustment method and active measurement method

In producing parts, we need to standardize and adjust the relative positions of machine tools and materials according to the designed dimensions to obtain more accurate dimensions. In the actual operation process, the active measurement method is mainly a method of measuring while processing. If the size meets the requirements, the processing should be stopped immediately. Such a processing method is more accurate and can also make the quality of parts more stable, and the efficiency of production can also be improved.

(3) Trial cutting method

When a worker is processing parts, he must perform a toolset at every step or before cutting. Then cut out a small section to measure the size of the parts to see if they meet the design requirements. If the size does not meet the design requirements, the worker should adjust the tool's position in time, then try to cut a section until the size meets the requirements, and then process the entire surface. Although the production efficiency of this processing method is not high, the professional requirements of the workers are very high, and the precision of the products produced is relatively high.

These are the main methods that can improve the machining accuracy of CNC turning workpieces and continuously improve the precision of products from all aspects. It further meets the basic requirements of CNC turning workpiece processing technology, reduces some parts production errors, and improves work efficiency and product quality.

In summary, the main force in parts processing is CNC machine tools, so we need to repair and maintain CNC machine tools regularly. Perform a comprehensive inspection of the basic operating materials and equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and ensure the precision of the processing.

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