How to use internal grinding fluid?

How to use internal grinding fluid?

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Internal grinding fluid is a translucent water-soluble metal processing fluid developed for grinding. It is refined from lubricants, rust inhibitors, antioxidants, and other additives. Internal grinding fluid has good cleaning performance and anti-rust performance, does not deteriorate, does not odor, has good anti-rust, washing, and sedimentation performance for steel and cast iron processing, and can also be applied to the processing of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, No matter in hard water or soft water, it can show good performance. Long service life, no need to replace, add, reduce the cost of use. Keep the grinding fluid clean and transparent at all times, avoid iron scraps from scratching the workpiece again, extend the service life of the grinding wheel, reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece, increase the brightness, and improve the surface accuracy of the grinding workpiece.


Performance characteristics:

Excellent anti-rust performance, meeting anti-rust requirements between processes, reducing production costs;

Suitable for the processing of a variety of metals, easy to clean, and easy to maintain;

Does not contain mineral oil, excellent cooling, excellent antibacterial ability, the extremely long service life of cutting fluid;

Good settling properties, which can effectively prevent the scratches of the processed products when the suspended particles are circulated and cooled;

Protect the machine tool, no smoke, harmless to the human body, environmentally friendly product.

Application range:

Suitable for grinding processing of various materials. It is suitable for processing steel, bearing steel, cast iron, and alloy carbon steel with high settlement, cooling, and rust prevention requirements. It can also be used for machining with higher cooling or service life requirements. It is suitable for internal and external cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, coreless grinding, and other processing techniques of ordinary grinders, high-speed grinding, and precision grinding of large and medium-sized grinders.

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Recommended dilution ratio: light load processing and grinding: 2~5%, medium load processing and grinding: 5~10%

Circulate evenly and can be used. Use high-quality water, and it is recommended to use tap water or other softened water. Before using this product for the first time, clean the water tank and pipes of the machine tool. When the water tank is inadequate due to loss due to evaporation, sputtering, etc., the product should be added in time according to the specified concentration.


The concentration of the daily supplementary solution should be determined according to the water evaporation, daily consumption, and the concentration of the on-site solution.

Internal grinding fluid, also known as environmentally friendly cemented carbide cutting fluid, environmentally friendly cemented carbide grinding fluid, is a water-based light yellow transparent liquid, oil-free, extremely clean, and the latest bio-stable cutting fluid in modern times. In selecting raw materials, consideration has been taken to ensure that bacteria cannot grow in them. This concept is very popular in Europe. It is more advanced than general American products. Therefore, in addition to the stand-alone system, it is more suitable for the central fluid supply tank. If equipped with proper management, the service life will be more than one year. It is unmatched by general synthetic cutting fluids.

The environmentally friendly cemented carbide grinding fluid does not contain chlorine, diethanolamine, triethanolamine, and nitrite that are harmful to the human body, ensuring the safety of people and the environment. The stability of the PH value in long-term use ensures the stable anti-rust effect of the cutting fluid. Good wettability and cleaning are beneficial to improving the workpiece's surface quality and keeping the equipment clean.

Environmental protection cemented carbide grinding fluid Purpose: It is specially used for the grinding of carbide cemented carbide. It has good compatibility with tungsten carbide cemented carbide and reduces the dissolution of cobalt. Lubricity, good extreme pressure, grinding and drilling of stainless steel, titanium alloy, tungsten steel, powder metallurgy steel.

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Tips on the cutting fluid mixing method:

1. It can be directly prepared with industrial tap water, first add tap water to a clean liquid tank or bucket;

2. Pour the prepared stock solution of cutting fluid slowly into the water, stir (or circulate) while adding the concentrated solution to the concentration, and then recycle;

3. Be sure to add the original cutting fluid to the water and not add water to the original cutting fluid;

4. Please lock the bucket's lid at any time after use. Do not add anything to the cutting stock solution.


1: Never mix "water-soluble cutting fluid" and "rail oil" pumps.

2: Water-soluble cutting fluid must be properly formulated and used to ensure its quality stability.

3: When adding water, it is better to add a considerable proportion of the stock solution of cutting fluid to keep the concentration of the solution stable.

The internal grinding fluid is an environmentally friendly product compounded with a variety of imported water-soluble anti-rust active agents, corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, etc. It does not contain nitrite, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, lead, and other substances harmful to the human body and the environment and has a high degree of biodegradability. It is an ideal metal synthetic grinding fluid for protecting equipment and cutting tools, simple operation, reducing costs, and improving the working environment in metal machining. This product complies with the GB/T6144-85 standard.

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