The specific usage of the fine boring tool in the machining center

The specific usage of the fine boring tool in the machining center, how to try the first ruler when the fine boring tool is boring?

First of all, you must have patience in boring, and secondly, the fine boring tool must be a good boring tool. Then it is to adjust the inner diameter dial indicator or dial indicator. I don't know if you will use the G76 program. If so, delete the Q value before using it because the spindle orientation must use the Q value. If the tool is installed backward without the spindle orientation, the tool will be bumped. You can find a piece of scrap to try it out first, or you can do it directly on the part. If it is done on the part, first try to bring it to a depth of about 3MM, measure it while boring, and finish boring with one cut after the size is in place. If you are worried, don't bore in place first, leave ten wire allowance, and boring to the end. If the measurement is exactly ten wires, enter ten wires and then fine-boring. There will be a little gap when the boring tool is adjusted, so it is necessary to make one more turn when the boring tool is adjusted and then increase.

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