Analysis of materials and performance characteristics of CNC machining ceramic cutting tools

Analysis of materials and performance characteristics of CNC machining ceramic cutting tools

Ceramic CNC machining tools have the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, excellent heat resistance and chemical stability, and are not easy to bond with metals. Ceramic tools occupies a very important position in CNC machining. Ceramic tools have become one of the main tools for high-speed cutting and processing of difficult-to-machine materials. Ceramic tools are widely used in high-speed cutting, dry cutting, hard cutting and cutting of difficult-to-machine materials. Ceramic CNC machining tools can efficiently process high-hard materials that cannot be processed by traditional tools, realizing "turning instead of grinding"; the optimal cutting speed of ceramic tools can be 2-10 times higher than that of cemented carbide tools, which greatly improves the cutting process Production efficiency: The main raw materials used in ceramic tool materials are the most abundant elements in the earth's crust. Therefore, the promotion and application of ceramic CNC machining tools is of great significance to increase productivity, reduce processing costs, and save strategic precious metals. Promote the advancement of cutting technology.

⑴ Types of ceramic CNC machining tool materials

The types of ceramic tool materials can generally be divided into three categories: alumina-based ceramics, silicon nitride-based ceramics, and composite silicon nitride-alumina-based ceramics. Among them, alumina-based and silicon nitride-based ceramic tool materials are the most widely used. The performance of silicon nitride-based ceramics is superior to that of alumina-based ceramics. To

⑵ The performance and characteristics of ceramic CNC machining tools

①High hardness and good wear resistance.

② High temperature resistance and good heat resistance.

③ Good chemical stability.

④ Low friction coefficient.

⑶ Specific application of ceramic CNC machining knife

Ceramics is one of the tool materials mainly used for high-speed finishing and semi-finishing. Ceramic tools are suitable for cutting all kinds of cast iron (gray cast iron, ductile iron, malleable cast iron, chilled cast iron, high-alloy wear-resistant cast iron) and steel (carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, high-strength steel, high-manganese steel, quenched steel) Etc.), can also be used to cut copper alloys, graphite, engineering plastics and composite materials.

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