• High level of INSTRUMENT is the first impression that customers and markets rely on for trust
  • Multi-process combined equipment organization, able to meet various process requirements
  • The application of high precision equipment is the resource of stable quality and productivity
  • Professional


    We have the expertise to qualify our components before distribution ensuring required quality to our customers.
  • Application


    Most of our products have been widely applied in air compressors, electric and electronic instruments, automotive systems.
  • Delivery


    From the moment we receive your request for quote through delivery of your parts, you will find us to be a very communicative and collaborative partner.
  • sda


We manufacture parts here in China covering different fields from simple stamping to complicate CNC machining. We struggle with what to call ourselves since we are not a traditional machine shop, seller or a metal parts service bureau. Regardless, once you work with ETCN, you will call us a trusted and professional partner.


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